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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  December 8, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. and good afternoon, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. grace lee has the day off. we start with breaking news. two people including a police officer are dead in a shooting on the virgina tech campus. >> that school right now is on lockdown while police search for the suspect. investigators say a campus
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police officer pulled someone over for what they call a routine traffic stop. police say that's when the suspects shot and killed the officer. a second victim was shot dead at the campus parking lot. virginia state police report taking over the investigation. students are on campus right now preparing for final exams and this shooting comes as virgina tech is appealing its $55,000 fine in connection with the school's response to the rampage back in 2007 when a student killed 32 students and faculty before killing himself. the manhunt for a black friday shooting suspect ends in east oakland. officers say the man barricaded himself inside a home then gave himself up. and gil diaz is live with us now in oakland with more. >> reporter: hi, good afternoon. police presence still here at the 2600 block of 10 sixth avenue. they have just finished searching the home in which the
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suspect, 29-year-old detwoine watson was holed up in for the past 6 hours. he surrendered peacefully but some family and friends thought he wouldn't make it out alive. >> you have no control of this situation. you have to throw your hands up and you got to say whatever. okay. come on. >> reporter: within minutes, terry larkins' wish came true. her older brother came out of the house with his hands up. police believe watson pulled the trigger at the san leandro walmart parking lot on november 25. black friday, the day after thanksgiving. >> the san leandro police department received information that an attempted homicide and robbery suspect was in the 26th block of 106th avenue. >> reporter: watson was in the house for nearly six hours
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before surrendering. the s.w.a.t. team urged him to come out. >> we want to bring a peaceful safe solution to this. >> reporter: police say watson and three other suspects accosted a group of shoppers and tried to steal their purchases. a scuffle broke out between the two groups. police say watson shot a 21- year-old san lorenzo man in the neck before speeding out of the parking lot. the victim was hospitalized and is recovering. >> my brother is a good person. he as a good man. you know what i'm saying? regardless of what anybody said about him. my brother is the type of man that [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: you're taking a live look at the 2600 block of 106th avenue. you will see in the distance police are still here but they are slowly leaving the scene. now, we're told that he is on his way, the suspect, to san leandro police department where he will be booked. he may be facing charges of attempted homicide as well as attempted robbery. back to you. >> gil diaz, live for us in oakland, thanks. also in oakland, firefighters tackled a two-
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alarm house fire near maxwell park. it started around 7 a.m. on the 2400 block of renwick street. fire crews are still investigating the cause. "occupy sf" is in the market for a new long-term home after being evicted from justin herman plaza. some have simply just moved up market street while others are trying to retake their former campgrounds. anne makovec joins us with more. >> reporter: i am one block from justin herman plaza, where they had their "occupy" encampment for two months. you can see a group of people there in front of the federal reserve. now this group has thinned out significantly from the gathering of sleeping people we saw there overnight. but they are working on regrouping and they have a protest planned for 6 p.m. tonight. >> how are y'all doing this morning? >> >> reporter: with the trademark mic check, another day of "occupying" begins but in a new location for many of these people, who were kicked out of justin herman plaza yesterday in an early-morning police
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raid. last night, dozens brought their sleeping bags to the site of the first "occupy" san francisco camp in front of federal reserve on market street. under san francisco sit-lie ordinance, they are allowed to do so between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. but not allowed to set up tents or cots. >> it's not going to happen. we're going to have dpw come in here and help you. >> let the police help us keep this compound. >> reporter: but even at the urging of other "occupiers," many here disagree. >> shut it off. shut it off right now. >> reporter: and the deep cleaning continues at justin herman plaza which is closed for the time being. crews are hard at work digging up the soil and pressure washing everything else. today some people attempted a reoccupation at the park but police quickly escorted them out. >> this is all part of the park. >> reporter: and all of this as
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new video emerges from inside the camp during yesterday's raid as do claims of undue force. >> this is what they did to my hand two nights ago. that's how tight they put them on. >> there's 1,000 perspectives i guess that night. if someone has a complaint, they should certainly file that. >> reporter: but the complaint for many of these people is that they lost their place to live. >> "occupy sf" is just a safe haven. you know? for corporations telling somebody that doesn't have a place to get out of there. >> reporter: the "occupiers" are also talking about a sort of roving occupation where they just take over spots temporarily instead of camping anywhere long term. again, they are still working on strategy. they have a rally planned for tonight. back to you guys. >> okay, anne makovec live for us in san francisco. thank you, anne. meanwhile, mayor ed lee says the "occupy" protests at justin herman plaza has cost
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san francisco nearly $1 million. "the examiner" reports the price tag for police is about $400,000. and damage to the justin herman plaza is estimated at about $50,000. down in santa cruz, law enforcement officials cleared out the "occupy" camp there. about 100 officers from every law enforcement agency in santa cruz county descended on the camp around 7 a.m., gave protestors five minutes to leave, two people were arrested. the deadline for those protestors to leave was last night at 5:00. oakland police are giving unprecedented insight into their response to "occupy" protestors. audio and video files of major occupation demonstrations are being posted on the department's website. transcripts of police dispatch calls including those with undercover officers in the crowd. they are also being released. the department is reviewing its response to those protests. there is a new recall petition launched against oakland mayor jean quan after the city certified another
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recall effort yesterday. that group will try to collect 20,000 signatures from oakland residents. that deadline set for may 14. two key legal issues on california's ban on same-sex marriage will be reviewed today in a federal appeals court. ninth circuit will hear a motion regarding last year's trial when judge walker ruled it unconstitutional. today supporters of the measure argue that walk her a conflict of interest because he was in a same-sex relationship. the food and drug administration is holding a hearing about adding warning to birth control. today's proceedings will focus on the chance of blood clots especially in connection with bayer's yasmine contraceptive pill. one former fda official accused bayer of knowing about the health risks and then hiding the evidence. coming up, pets poisoned here in the bay area. the warning coming from police. plus, can you spot what's wrong with this picture? the freeway mistake and how it
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could affect your commute. and mark your calendars. free shipping day is coming up! what you should know before clicking and submitting. all coming up. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. high pressure holding on in the bay area still some patchy fog this morning. what is coming up as we look toward the weekend? we'll have that in a couple of minutes. closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original. ,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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brithday, a college football player from richmond has died. just days before his 20th birthday, a college football player from richmond has died. fred thompson collapsed yesterday while playing basketball on the oregon state campus. he was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. some oregon newspapers have reported thompson died of a heart attack. the freshman was a defensive lineman at oregon state and
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graduate of oakland tech high school. a big step today towards building a bart extension into the silicon valley. the valley transportation authority approved a $772 million contract for construction of the bart extension to san jose. the winning bid came in $75 million under the projected cost of the project. that was welcome news. officials say construction could begin next spring with completion expected by late sometime 2016. tonight menlo park plans to address concerns about facebook's expansion there. a report finds that traffic near the new campus off highway 101 could become a big nightmare. 2,000 employees have already moved to the former site of the sun microsystems. facebook plans to cap the number of vehicle trips and encourage employees to share rides. a confession from caltrans. it painted a extra diamond on the westbound carpool lane in emeryville. that's about 100 yards beyond the point the lane is supposed to become a standard lane and that was a big problem.
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drivers say it's causing big- time bums. caltrans promises, though, to fix that mistake. >> that's a big-time backup area anyway. well, san francisco police are issuing a warning to everyone. keep a close eye on your pets. dakota, a mixed breed dog, and another cat died sunday within hours of each other in the inner sunset district. tests show both animals had methadone in them. the family says they keep no toxic materials so police are asking families to watch out for suspicious activity. coming up, you may be surprised what's really driving holiday sales and here's a hint. it has nothing to do with giving. >> no. it's all about you. >> and you. >> a peninsula woman pays it forward. how she is helping families with serious health issues make ends meet and so much more. we started out with some patchy fog and cold temperatures around the bay area this morning. we have some changes though coming up for the weekend. tell you all about that coming up next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good news on the job front. fewer people filed first time weekly jobless claims last week...dro good news on the job front. fewer people filed first time weekly job claims last week dropping to the lowest level in nine months. applications fell 23,000 to 381,000. analysts say it's a sign that the job market is improving. and for all you last-minute shoppers out there, nearly 1700 online retailers will participate in free shipping
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day next friday december 16. the stores agreed not to charge shipping on anything bought from midnight to midnight east coast time. most guaranteed delivery by christmas eve. that's a bonus. last year shoppers spent nearly $1 billion on free shipping day. good deal. we have all heard of regifting. what about self-gifting? that's what you buy presents for yourself. many shoppers do it. on the consumerwatch, julie watts to explain this growing trend. >> it's better to receive than to give. >> reporter: from consumer electronics to clothes to jewelry, experts say sales are up this year because shoppers are adding an extra name to their christmas list. their own. when you're out christmas shopping, checking off that list, do you ever pick up a little something for yourself? >> always. that's the point of christmas. >> the little present that you deserve. >> reporter: self gifting has
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risen. >> the national retail federation suggests self- gifting which disappeared during the height of the recession, has been slowly returning. >> reporter: and ken perkins of retail metrics says as shoppics are splurging on sales they are also spurring the economy. >> consumers will spend $130 on themselves in order to get what them for christmas this year. >> reporter: the self-gifting trend has some crying consumerism. >> okay, it's for me... >> reporter: criticizing commercials that diminish the true meaning of christmas. but others like dr. charles foster say it may be just what some need to survive this season. >> i think it's a very good thing. the most satisfying gift is the one you have asked for. surprises tend to be the gifts we're actually in fact least happy with. >> reporter: which is why many say after a tough couple of years, they are self-gifting. >> i get something for myself but try to get more for other people.
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the sun finally breaking out around the bay area. but hazy sunshine outside right now for most folks and that's the way it's going to stay throughout the afternoon hours as that high pressure israel is continuing to sit overhead. we had patchy dense fog this morning giving way to the hazy sunshine and those temperatures staying a bit cool. expect highs running into the 50s and the low 60s into the afternoon. so not a bad day but you may want a jacket out the door. tonight we may see just a couple of patches of fog forming overnight tonight. it will be chilly in spots. some temperatures again down into the 30s and also the 40s. so bundle up, bay area. we're looking at some cold temperatures. high pressure still remains in control. just some minor fluctuations in this ridge the better part of the last few days. the ridge will stick around so we'll stay cool and dry with cold mornings to start with and then by the afternoon, you get that hazy sunshine around the bay area. high pressure strong enough it's trapping a lot of the pollutants down below so another "spare the air" day in
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effect but otherwise looks like numbers not bad by the afternoon. we're planning on 60 in morgan hill. about 60 in mountain view. 59 degrees in fremont. and about 56 degrees in pacifica. east bay temperatures running up into the 50s, getting close to the low 60s into pleasanton and livermore. and you get inside the bay, those temperatures moving into the 50s, almost 60 into santa rosa. overnight lows again into the 30s and 40s. so yeah, chilly by night but not bad by day staying dry through saturday. partly cloudy skies sunday and monday. unsettled in the latter range. forecast. snow report, boreal partly cloudy skies, no new snow but looking good up there. heavenly lots of snow in the mountains. up to two feet. partly cloudy conditions. the northstar looking good, partly cloudy skies, and nice and dry. that's a look at weather, guys. back to you. >> thank you. cbs 5 has teamed up with the whole foods and a number of companies to fight hunger and here today amy mcarthur and keith danielson about to give away two tons to the fine folks over at contra costa and solano
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county food bank. first of all, how did you do it? >> we have there really great community outreach program and they got the involvement from all associates at our site to donate food in bins set up throughout the site. >> daniel, were you surprised by the outpouring of support? >> not at all. we have a great, great group of people this we work w we also believe as a company that we have a responsibility to the community that we work and live in so not surprising at all with the big response. >> larry, the executive director of the solano contra costa food bank. i mean, are you overwhelmed? you must be so excited to get this. >> we're ecstatic. the need is up by over 40% over two years ago so we need it desperately and because of companies like this we count on them to help people in need. >> thank you so much for your generosity. that's a lot of food. >> yup. >> going to help a lot. >> okay. if you would like more information, you can go to we could use your help. click on "watch & listen."
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liz, it's all yours. thank you. well, when failed with serious health issues, families often struggle financially. one peninsula mom left the tech industry and started an organization that helps lessen stress. kate kelly with this week's jefferson award winner. >> want to see the tiny cars. >> reporter: you wouldn't know by looking at them today just what these two brothers have gone through. 28-month-old james and 16-month- old nicholas were both born with congenital heart defects. they have endured surgeries and countless treatments at children's hospital at stanford. but that hasn't been their only challenge. mom, ashley, says they have uprooted from maryland to be near the doctor who saved their boys' lives. >> ronnie and i gave up everything to come out here. we both had full-time jobs. i was a social worker. he was construction worker. we owned a house. all our family is back there. >> reporter: that's where cindy campbell comes into the story. cindy started an all volunteer organization four years ago called human connexus.
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she raises money to give families like ashley to get them through difficult transitions. >> about 50% of the individuals who get a serious illness will file bankruptcy. what human connexus does is gives them $500 a month for six months. that's enough in order for them to save their homes to save their car, to be able to pay their bills. >> reporter: working with different hospitals in the bay area, and did i gets referrals -- cindy gets referrals from their social workers but what makes human connexus unique is cindy's help goes beyond the financial. >> connecting you to any resources you need, just being supportive. cindy would often times email me, check in, ask how the boys are doing. >> reporter: in fact, cindy knows all of the 24 families she helped so far. like baby logan's family. she was born with a spinal disorder and when her mother had to take a live of absence from work, human connexus helped pay medical expenses. today, cindy brought along donated clothing for james and nicholas, just one more way to
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make their journey a little easier. >> we want to provide as much as we possibly can to them so that they can cross over that bridge of their financial hardship. >> i really admire that she started the foundation and that it's gotten so big and that it's able to help families like us. >> reporter: so for offering support for families facing the financial and emotional stress of serious illness, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to cindy campbell. kate kelly, cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a cup of coffee sounds good right now, doesn't it? a good final line. thanks for tuning in. have a great day. see you tomorrow morning bright and early. >> caption colorado, llc c & %f0
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